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Eliminate Chair – Eliminate Waste

Chris Hotze, of Crescere Capital Management, sent us this video showing his lean thinking behind getting rid of his office chair. He’s a Lean rock star!

Lean Timesheets

Nick Fain of MX Trophies sent us their first Lean video. Remember, it doesn’t matter how small, just get started!

Lean Document Signing

Printing and signing documents can be time consuming. But watch Robert Olinger cut the waste of 3 minutes 16 seconds for each signature.


Paul Akers demonstrates how to use WhatsApp…the cross-platform mobile messaging App. This is a tool they used for the Japan Study Mission. For more information on WhatsApp, go to this link.

How do you Manage your Email?

Paul Akers discusses how he manages his email (up to 300 a day) using the lean technique of one piece flow.

Middle Desk Drawer

Brian Roesch, of Quinter High School, sent us this video showing how he used Kaizen Foam to organize his middle desk drawer. For more information on FastCap’s Kaizen Foam, visit our website.

FastCap Office Lean

No, lean isn’t just for manufacturing!!! Paul Akers walks us through some examples of what FastCap does to make their office lean. For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

Lean Office Closet

Viking Plastics sent us this video showing how they fixed what them…their supply closet. Great job!

For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

MBW Lean

Adam Beamish, of MBW, Inc, Sent us some videos showing their lean improvements.

Lean Caulking

Lean Bucket Closing

Lean Drawer

Lean Cords

To see more great lean videos, go to this link.

Jobsite Lean

Dominic Daughtrey of Sundt Construction sent us these videos showing how he clean up his act at the jobsite office.

For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

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