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Are you Standardizing?

Dale of Klime-Ezee shows us how he not only made an awesome 2 Second improvement, but also made it a standard.

Have you 3S’d today?

Paul Akers discusses how his friend, Filipes applied 3’S (Sweep, Sort & Standardize) to his keys.

Katie’s Lean Questions

Paul Akers answers Katie’s questions: What is the criteria for making an improvement? Is a 20 step checklist too much?

Sam’s Lean Rant

Sam provides feedback on how his life changed after Paul’s Lean intervention down under.

William 3S’es his Bedroom

Watch this two minute awesome video of William Bailey 3S’ing his bedroom. What if all kids thought like this? Can you imagine what the world would look like?

Do you need a 3S? Box?

Filipe Marques, of Torre, sent us this video showing their 3P “Question Mark” Box. Maybe you could use one, too?

What is 3S?

What is 3S…and what is is not?

Lean Cubicle

Mark Dvorak, of Astronics Corporation, sent us this video (his first Lean improvement video) showing how he makes small improvements every day to his cubicle. I’m sure there will be many more!!!

5S en Español

Salida de vídeo del Gemba Academy de 5S ( Ordenar / Enderezar / Brillo / Estandarizar / Sustain). Presione aquí.



Filipe Marques, of Torre, shows what to do with all those item you find when you sweep, sort and standardize that don’t belong to you and you don’t know where to put them!