VanTec Waste

Sherri Hotzler, of Vantec, Inc., sent us this video showing how that reduced wasted regrind. Continuous improvement has great dividends.

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Want to take a fresh, new tour of FastCap?

30+ 2 Second Lean Improvements

Paul Akers discusses the 30+ Lean improvements he and Robbie made to the garden and trash areas at FastCap.

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KPI FastCap’s Smiles?

Chris, while on a tour of FastCap suggested that we KPI our smiles at FastCap! Love that!!!

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Chris and Robert – No Excuses

Amazing People with no excuses. Chris and Robert just finished up a tour of FastCap.

Global Lean Leadership Summit – 2016

Global Lean Leadership Summit 2016
(formerly the Lean Summit)
August 11-13, 2016
Fort Collins, CO

Step 1 – Watch the video (or skip to Step 2 if you’re “in”).

Step 2 – Fill out this quick Response Form.

Step 3 – Don’t contact Paul Akers.

Step 4 – Send questions to Seth Braverman ( or (970) 488-9516) or Greg Glebe ((970) 690-2833) at Xylem Design.

Step 5 – We will respond shortly after you complete the Response Form.

Paul Akers, (FastCap), Ashley Bailey (Klime-Ezee), Gregory Glebe and the Xylemites

One-piece flow

One-piece flow isn’t complicated! We watched this in our morning meeting.

Cambridge Engineering LEAN Journey

John Kramer, of Cambridge Engineering, sent us this video to be included on the Lean Hub. Anyone can use the Lean Hub to connect with other Lean organization in their area.

Little things change the world

We watched this inspirational video during our morning meeting. Our small actions can change the world!

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Meet Wildwood Cabinetry

Ken Allender, of Wildwood Cabinetry, sent us this video introducing us to lean at Wildwood Cabinetry!

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