Lean Truck Straps

TJ, from Walters and Wolf, shows the Lean way to roll up truck straps.

Lean 2P-10 inserts

Alisha and Lyle work together to come up with a solution to eliminate lifting the heavy 2P-10 inserts box.

Shortcuts App

Paul Akers discusses how he uses the Shortcut App with his Wunderlist App to save time.

For more information on the Shortcuts App, go to this link.

For more information on the Wunderlist App, go to this link.

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The Lean Crutch!

Paul Akers explains how having surgery on his foot has taught him so much about Lean and the waste of motion.

“The Easier Way” 1946 General Motors Corporation

If you can get post how old fashion this is, it’s a great video on wasted motion. We watched this during our Morning Meeting.

Want to know why my good buddy Nick is all torqued up?

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