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Bamboo Batch Work

Paul Akers is in a Bamboo Field in Patagonia, Argentina where he find an example of when patch work in ok.

Lean Shower Improvement

Paul Akers demonstrates a Lean shower in the hotel in Patagonia, Argentina. Solves the problem of turning on the shower without getting wet.

Using your Head and not your Wallet

Paul Akers discusses how he used his head (and Expedia/Trip Adviser) to find a 5 star hotel room for the price of a 3 star hotel. For more information on Paul’s new book, Lean Travel, press here.

The Power of Flow

Paul Akers discusses the power of flow at a traffic intersection in Thailand. Average signal cost over $80,000 to install not counting the maintenance.

Lean Car Parking

Paul Akers tests whether is it faster to pull in or back in to a parking test. Running a experiment helps you make even more informed decision.

Lean Headset Storage

Paul Akers demonstrates how he organizes his headset cord with a binder clip.

Lean Travel improvement – Power Strip

Paul Akers discusses what he likes about the AGPtek Portable Power Strip Travel Charger that he got on Amazon. Here is the link.

Lean Travel – Lean Packing

Paul Akers demonstrates how he uses lean principles to pack for his trips.

Lean Airplane Safety

Paul Akers discusses how to use comedy to make airplane safety more effective. If you like this video,