Shannon, Ireland | March 20

CW Applied Technology is hosting an event in Shannon Ireland, where Ryan and Martin from Seating Matters will be speaking. This will be an exceptional event!

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Why is Lean fun?

The Key to Lean

Paul Akers discusses the key to Lean.

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TPS is Flexible

Paul Akers discusses how you must allow flexibility on your Lean system.

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2019 Global Lean Leadership Summit

Mark your calendar…the 2019 Global Lean Leadership Summit will take place on Sep 22-24 in Riverside, CA hosted by Fireblast Global & Phenix Technology! This is an invite-only event. To attend, please complete the application on the website.


Tony Spielberg, of Boone Center, Inc, shared this video and said: “…We continuously focus on lean improvements here at BCI. Have to give a huge shout out to Jenna on developing her own process improvement. LOVE my job…”

Excellent job, Jenna. Way to fix what bugs you!

Is Lean Really Simple?

Paul states that yes, Lean really is simple.

County Battery Services

Want to see amazing, high-level thinking and leadership? Check out the folks at County Battery Services.

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Psychology – Managing Human Systems

This brief post on The Deming Institute is one of the most important articles you will ever read if you want to understand how to do it right and make sure you don’t do it wrong. Read this once a week for the rest of your life…money is not the right motivator!

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Lean starts in a public bathroom

Paul Akers discusses leaving public bathroom better then when he finds them. Show me what you do in the bathroom!