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Bad People v. Bad Process

Filipe Marques, of Torre shared this video he took during the 2017 Global Lean Leadership Summit of Marc Braun, at Cambridge Engineering. Next time you think you might have bad people, rethink it!

100 Days of Progress in Motion

Eliminating waste, focusing on the customer and continuous improvement. See how the Frisco Library is putting concepts from Lean Culture into practice (and improving customer experience!).

Derek and the Kaizen Mind

Paul shares a Lean improvement from Derek, The Cabinet Doctor.

Lean Dry Erase Board

The folks at Hopkins Printing are fixing what bugs them!

13 Forward-Thinking Insights for Busy Leaders, Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Paul Akers was interviewed by Forward Thinking Workplace. To see the whole interview and find the answers to the questions below, press here.

Q1: How can we create workplaces where every voice matters, everyone thrives & finds meaning, and change & innovation happen naturally?

Q2: How do we get an employee’s full attention and best performance?

Q3: What do people really lack and long for at work?

Q4: What is the most important question leaders should be asking employees?

Q5: What is the most important question employees should be asking leaders?

Q6: What is the most important question we should be asking ourselves?

Q7: What has been the most intriguing aspect of your lean journey?

Q8: If you were going to add a question to this interview from a lean perspective, what would it be?

Q9: What question is at the heart of lean?

Q10: What is the biggest misunderstanding about lean?


This video was just passed on to me from a friend I cannot recommend it enough the ending will blow your mind nature has the answers… Biomimicry
Nature is super Lean! Designers now study nature for answers. I wonder what it can teach us about Lean?

Register now for the November Japan Study Missions!

Paul Akers discusses the 4 upcoming Japan Study Missions that will take place this November. Sign up soon, these are filling up fast. Only 17 per session. For more information on the study mission, go to this link.

Each applicant must submit a video. Here is an example:

How much do you spend on your Lean videos?

On September 12-13, 2017 we are honored to join Marc Braun at Cambridge Engineering to attend this year's Global Lean Leadership Summit!

Lean Restaurant?

Filipe Marques, of Torre, discusses the importance of seeing value verses non-value activities.

What is Lean?

Paul Akers discusses how everything you do is a process and every process can be improved.