Best Fence Build Station Improvements

Matt fixes more things about the Best Fence build station that bugs him.

Never stop improving!

Thanks, Joe for your feedback! Here is Saed’s 3rd pass on this improvement. Never stop improving!

Lean Battery

Matt eliminates wasted motion when charging the screw gun.

Lean Best Fence build area

Matt continues to tweak the Best Fence build area. Thanks, Tyler for the assist!

Precision matters!

11.10.20 | Categories: *Contains Videos, 1 Piece Flow

Lean FastPipe Screws

Saed takes another pass at fixing what bugs him counting the FastPipe screws.

Lean 2P-10 Kit Label

Lyle mistake-proofs the UPC label at the 2P-10 Solo Kit build station.

My Father’s Brother

On this week’s show, Paul Akers shares a visit he took with his Father’s brother, Albert Akers, to the family farm in Seibert, CO.

Lean Box Storage

Matt is always coming up with ways to save time and make his work safer!

Lean Screw Count

Saed uses his #witsnotwallet to count screws for FastPipe build.