Business Ideas Pt 1

Are you looking for profitable business ideas but aren’t sure where to start?

09.09.20 | Categories: *Contains Videos, 2 Second Lean, Lean, eBlast

Raymond Forklift for sale

Need a forklift? We have a Raymond for sale. It has a brand new battery. Asking $6000 (was $8,000). Call FastCap at 1-888-443-3748.

09.08.20 | Categories: *Contains Videos, General

Lean Milltronics Tool Box

Lukas 3S’d (sweep, sort, & standardize) the milltronics tool box using FastCap’s Kaizen Foam.

Lean Spreadsheet

Thiago and Christian work together to solve a problem with the cycle times spreadsheet.

Best Fence Build Continuous Improvement

Matt in continually improving the Best Fence build!

Lean FastBreak Cleanup

Lean Spray N Wipe

Are your vendors doing Lean?

09.02.20 | Categories: *Contains Videos, 2 Second Lean, Lean, eBlast

Strong Visual Controls

Lukas uses strong visual controls to help others make the right cuts

Lean Best Fence Stop

Matt uses #strongvisualcontrols to make sure there is no confusion with the Best Fence Stop build.