Seattle Mariners Spring Training Motto!

“The official motto of the Mariners’ Spring Training — as posted boldly on the team’s clubhouse walls at the Peoria Sports Complex — is “Kaizen,” which is the Japanese word for continuous improvement.” Press here to read the entire article.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy Lean Year!

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Team 26

Team 26 at the Toyota Motor Kyushu Miyata Plant Tour. Another excellent stop on the Japan Study Mission.

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Big Dreams Tour

Want to see amazing work, by an amazing hero?

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Black American Founders

We watched this in our morning meeting today.

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Quick iMovie Improvement

Paul Akers share a trick he uses to help find photos he wants to insert into iMovie when using the iPhone.

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Frankfurt Ironman course

Filipe Marques and I checking out the Frankfurt Ironman course. #ironman #thisishappening #leanhealth #MainovaIronman



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Perry’s Amazing Lean Health Journey

Paul Akers discusses Perry’s Lean Health journey…what an inspiration

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Toll Booth Precision

Paul Akers discusses the precision of the toll booths in Japan.

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My admiration for Japan!

Paul Akers discusses how impressed his is by the Lean practices and respect in Japan.

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