Lean Banking

Originally a graduate at RBS in the UK, Preeti is now a Lean Change Agent. She goes into different business areas at RBS and completely transforms them. In her role she can really see the impact she is making on the business, when her suggestions for improvement are taken on board and implemented. Preeti appreciates the varied nature of her role, and prides herself in being able to build and maintain relationships with her clients. The recognition culture in the business is very good, which is very motivating for Preeti.

The American Innovator – David Horsager

Paul Akers, of The American Innovator broadcast, interviews David Horsager, author of “The Trust Edge”. In “The Trust Edge”, David reveals the foundation of genuine success—trust. Based on research but made practical for today’s leader, “The Trust Edge” shows that trust is quantifiable and brings dramatic results to businesses and leaders.