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“Every 30 days, a significant opportunity passes in front of every human being. Are you awake?”

Paul Akers, of The American Innovator broadcast, tours the Puget Sound Naval Ship Yard and shares his thoughts about what it means for America. He also met with lean thinkers in our military.

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Lean – Band Strapping

Ashley Bailey of Klime-Ezee sent us this video. Here is what he has to say, “As part of the Lean implementation in our factory this week we found a reel of band strapping and some equipment. It was on a very cumbersome base and wasn’t easy to use at all! We fabricated a small trolley to better utilise it and improve our packaging facilities. Our lean mission continues! This video was inspired by Paul Akers from at 2 Second Lean.”

A note of thanks!

Hi Paul
Thanks, for sending the e-mail with the new
Blind Nail System video

I just wanted to thank you for your interest in the Blind Nail idea. It has been fun to see all that you have done with it.
I also really enjoy watching the FastCap and The American Innovator videos. I grew up watching my older brother, a successful
entrepreneur, grow his business from selling hot cinnamon tooth picks (that he made) and sweet tart candy when he was
in Junior high and in high school. He had 5 produce stands a big box truck that he would drive to the LA produce market every morning before heading off to high school. It was something to see. He then grew one of the biggest fresh and frozen strawberry processing businesses in southern California and then sold it at just the right time. So I am inspired when I watch your videos and see the entrepreneur drive that you have. Fly the damm plane!

Thanks, Craig Circle