Lean Toast

Derrek Holland, of The Closet Doctor, sent us this video showing off his Lean improvements at home! Somebody isn’t gonna be happy about this 🙂

Lean Latch

Thomas Riner, of Fancy Hill Farms, sent us this video showing how he fixed a latch that had been bugging him for a good long while. It’s the small stuff!

Noodle for your Noodle

Walters & Wolf, sent us this video. Now that is using your noodle to fix what bugs you! Every day, a 2 second improvement!

06.03.16 | Categories: Fix What Bugs You, Lean, Lean Organizations

2 Second Improvement – Hand Dryer

Paul Akers demonstrates how to “fix what bugs you” at FastCap.

02.24.16 | Categories: *Contains Videos, FastCap, Lean, Lean Fastcap

MyEmployees Lean

Josh Newkirk, of MyEmployees, sent us this video showing how Josh and Cham tackle static electricity. Fix what bugs you!

02.01.16 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Lean, Lean Organizations

Lean Farming

Oh my goodness, these piglets are so cute you might miss the excellent Lean tidbits throughout this video!!!

10.02.15 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Lean, Lean Farms

Starbucks Visual Controls

Paul Akers notices the strong visual controls that Starbucks has created by labeling all their add ins.

10.01.15 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Lean Organizations