Quick and easy leveling the boom lift

R.Ramirez, of Walters and Wolf, shares his 2 Second Lean improvement for the day.



Workplace Lean [español]

Ted Cobb, of Spacia Group, sent us these videos showing how they applied Lean principles to improve their work area.

Lean Joiner Controls

Lean Joiner Area

Lean Productivity Boards

Who should come to Japan?

Paul Akers discusses why coming to Japan is not for everyone. It is about serious learning. It is not for the curious…it is for people who want to be totally transformed.

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BI Group Reasons In Russian

Change your View!

Paul Akers discusses how with Lean you constantly need to change your view. The most important improvement you can make is the improvement you can make right now.

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Google Earth Overview

Paul Akers provides a Google Earth Overview of Japan.

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Thank You Ritsuo Shingo

Paul Akers send a heartfelt thank you Ritsuo Shingo for his tour of the Puerto Rico US. “Thank you for sharing your incredible insight and wisdom over the 6 weeks.” For more information on the Shingo Institute, visit their website.

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Vladimir Seeing waste

Paul Akers sits down with Vladimir who explains how after watching the KKK Concrete video (http://youtu.be/KFO-VnpjOYQ or http://youtu.be/ogir7FxTq1w in Russian), he now sees waste at home.

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[Russian] Steve Jobs – You can Change Things

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Waste in the Little Things

I can sniff out waste in the smallest things. Is it worth mentioning? You bet! Check out Brad Miller’s post on this.

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5S en Español

Salida de vídeo del Gemba Academy de 5S ( Ordenar / Enderezar / Brillo / Estandarizar / Sustain). Presione aquí.