In-depth Insight on the Industry Books That Make a Difference

Want to deepen your grasp of continuous improvement? Check out this link by Go Lean Six Sigma.

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Omotenashi means a spirit of hospitality and it is one of Paul’s favorite things about Japan.

Meet Clyde

Clyde, a customer of FastCap, started doing 2 Second Lean and now he is buried in work!

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What is the Definition of Quality?

Paul Akers has a conversation about Lean with Norman and Noriko Bodek.

TOTO Museum

Paul Akers learned a lot about toilets at the TOTO Museum. For more information on this museum, visit their website.

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CW Applied Technology

Paul Akers sends encouragement to CW Applied Technology. What’s going on in Ireland?

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Want to see what exceptional leadership looks like?

Jack’s First Lean Steps

Jack took his first step with 2 Second Lean by experimenting with his lawn mower and Leaning out their job site kitchen & bathroom. Great job Jack!

Lean Login

The guys at Animal Supply Company show how they shaved login time down to 5 seconds. Now that’s Lean!

Lean Jobsite Van

Zack Dettmore walks Jordan Smith through his super organized construction van. Now that is a Lean van!