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Lean Bumper Rack

Joe Hinkens, of Mainline Autobody, sent us this video show how Gene saves 37.8 hours a year on one simple improvement!


Filipe Marques, of Torre, shows what to do with all those item you find when you sweep, sort and standardize that don’t belong to you and you don’t know where to put them!

Start in the Bathroom!

Wow wow wow Jason and Jake you are rock stars! Phenomenal video. This is a great example of respect for people. You Set the bar high with your understanding. You are exceptional leaders well done!!!!! Well done DPR Construction!

Chick-fil-A Greeting

Paul Akers send a greeting to Chick-fil-A, a wonderful organization that is currently adopting Lean! For more information on Chick-fil-A Homes, visit their website.

Welcome Homeway Homes

Paul Akers welcomes Homeway Homes to Lean!!! We expect to see great before/after videos soon!

For more information on Homeway Homes, visit their website. For more information on Maxwell Counters, visit their website.

Lean Door Latch

Joe Hinkens, of Mainline Autobody, sent us this video showing another Marcus improvement…shaving off time to deliver parts.

Lean Welding

What have you fixed that bugs you today? Ryan, shows us how!

Noodle for your Noodle

Walters & Wolf, sent us this video. Now that is using your noodle to fix what bugs you! Every day, a 2 second improvement!

Lean Packaging!

Brian Sheldon, of Sheldon Woodworks, sent us this video. Does seeing Lean make you want to be better?