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HNA Morning Meeting

I’d like to show you our version of the morning meeting here at Hagemeyer. It has changed this site and is one of the driving forces in changing this company. I’m amazed at how much it has turned us around. I would also like to introduce you to Joseph Lines. Joseph was promoted to Lean Manager this year due to his outstanding performance with Lean and his ability to see the benefits when most of us were still struggling with this change for the company. He is the one responsible for introducing your 2 Second Lean system to our organization. I then took what he showed me with your success and introduced the morning meeting to our organization. In the last few months, Joseph and I have worked very closely to bring to our company what your mentoring has brought to us, which is that Lean is all about the people. Once we realized this, and now have shown the results of shifting to this Lean Culture and to this Growing People Culture, it is taking the company by storm. I think I speak for both of us when I say that we owe so much to you, and the lessons you have shown us. Joseph has created our own YouTube channel, Lean Your Machine – HNA, where we are starting to post our own videos, as well as links to others. It’s in its infancy stages, but we couldn’t agree with you more that making videos is a very powerful tool in showing Lean. Please take a look and let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you!

Scotty Wofford
Storeroom Manager
Hagemeyer North America
Fayetteville DuPont Plant

Lean Binoculars

Chris Green, of Walters & Wolf, sent us this video showing their creative (lean) solution to spotting inventory that is stored up high on racks. Sometime the lean solution is a simple solution!

For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

Lean in Prison

Paul Akers gives a special greeting to a special lean team and the response is below.

For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

“The video was a huge hit and because of it more inmates in the blocks with my guys read your book. Some are even stopping by on their way to the other classes asking if they can borrow it to read so that’s cool. The Dept of Corr is doing a big lean event in February so I invited them to my classroom to see the progress we have made. We started in the bathroom like you said and marked the floor for the garbage barrels then marked for a table then on the table marked for the cleaner and paper towels. Now the guys know if there’s towels because it has a spot now. Lean is amazing, to me it’s about making things less stressful and these guys are dealing with stress especially around the holidays. So I marked their desks, chairs, safety glasses with a number so each person knows what’s theirs and not worrying about getting a good seat or a special seat. I incorporated a dictionary that the same number goes on and we even marked their desks with a rectangle for the dictionaries to go. We do a word of the day that they have to define making them one word smarter a day, then we discuss it. We also do stretching at the start of class but like you I started having the guys lead the stretching to become leaders.

Thank you very much again for all your help and know your book affected my life and in turn I’m trying to show the guys the benefits so it’s also affecting their lives all for the better. Thank you.” Jared

FastCap Office Lean

No, lean isn’t just for manufacturing!!! Paul Akers walks us through some examples of what FastCap does to make their office lean. For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

Lean Office Closet

Viking Plastics sent us this video showing how they fixed what them…their supply closet. Great job!

For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

Lean Wrapping Machine

Tim Bayer, of Hansen Plastics, sent us this video showing their improvement at the Wrapping machine station. Great job!

Toastmasters Lean

Mark Doyle sent us this video and said, “Last night I gave my first speech about learn to my Toastmasters club. It was tough but could not have been possible without your work. Thanks to you, I’m becoming a lean thinker. For example, in my morning routine, I have been able to shave 20 mins off my prep time thanks to c’leaning’ it up.”

Keep up the great work, Mark!

Beginning the Journey

Russ Jones, of Avcorp, sent us this video summarizing the kick off of his lean journey. Way to go!

For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

ICON Aircraft

Amazing innovation! We watched this during our morning meeting.

MBW Lean

Adam Beamish, of MBW, Inc, Sent us some videos showing their lean improvements.

Lean Caulking

Lean Bucket Closing

Lean Drawer

Lean Cords

To see more great lean videos, go to this link.