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On this week’s show, Paul Akers describes his Ironman journey and why he did it!

How to Mentally Prepare for an Ironman

Paul Akers discusses how he mentally prepares for an ironman. Guess what…it is all in your head!

Lake Placid Ironman this Sunday!

Arrived in Lake Placid. Sunday is the Ironman. Had a great dinner, swam, and biked the course, getting ready for this epic event.

Long Flight? No Problem!

Paul Akers doesn’t let a long flight keep him from exercise!

For more information on Living With A Navy Seal, go to this link.

Training for Ironman – Improving Time

Got my swim time down to a 35 minutes mile…super pumped! Training for the Lake Placid Ironman in July, 2017.

Training for Ironman


Paul2When I’m home I start each morning swimming in Toad Lake. Training for the Lake Placid Ironman in July, 2017.

Running Around the World Pt 2

On this week’s show, shares another video from his adventures of running around the world. Part 2 gives us glimpses of Kazakhstan, Japan, Korea and New York City.

Running Around the World Pt 1

On this week’s show, travels with his wife, Leanne, and friends to South America. But it doesn’t get in his way of training for the Ironman.

Fueling my Ferrari

Paul Akers discusses how he is training for Ironman. Specifically what he eats each day.

Ironman Challenge

Paul Akers is taking the challenge and will compete in the Ironman.

Paul discusses the new equipment he got for snorkeling.

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