Lean Vietnam Motorcycles

Paul Akers travels through Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi on a motorcycle. Crazy!

Lean Bee Flow Hive!

Paul and Leanne Akers are now the proud host for a Bee Flow Hive. The Flow Hive is a beehive designed to allow honey to be extracted simply by turning a lever: the hive does not have to be opened and the bees are not disturbed as in normal extraction. Now that’s Lean!

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Your F150 Sucks II

Paul Akers continues to follow motorcycles in Vietnam…this time in Hanoi.

Your F150 Sucks!

Paul Akers travels through Ho Chi Minh City on a motorcycle. Crazy!

The Great Heroic Age | Music Video

On this week’s show, Paul Akers, inspired by his recent trip to Antartica, shares a music video that he wrote and put together with the help of Georgia Heckman and Greg Otterholt.

The story behind the song:

In the studio:

Music Video:

Ise Shrine

Paul Akers visits the Ise Shrine and shares the experience with us.

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Leaving Kazakhstan

Putting airport time to good use!

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Story Behind the Song

Story Behind the song of my first music video: The Great Heroic Age

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The Great Heroic Age

Paul Akers is in the studio recording his song, The Great Heroic Age.

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Thanks for the Guitar Lessons!

Paul thanks his Mom for early guitar lessons…and plays her a song!

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