Land Rover Waste

Martin Atkins sent us this example of what is NOT lean at Land Rover.

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Lean: Fine Line Automation

It is great to see lean in action at other organizations! Here are some videos from Fine Line Automation showing how they are incorporating lean principles.

Lean: Fork Lift

Lean: Extrusion Rack

Lean: Miter Saw Hood

Lean: Drill Press

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Trivan Book Signing

Paul Akers speaks at Trivan on lean principles and does a book signing for 2 second Lean.

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What is lean?

Paul Akers explains lean in 1 minute.

Lean Visual Controls

This Sunriver, OR job site is thinking lean with strong visual controls.

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Lean: The Waste of Waiting

Paul Akers discusses how to save time unloading from a plane….to make it more Lean!

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Waste, waste, waste…it’s everywhere

Paul Akers talk about how waste can be found everywhere.

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Lean Lexus

Paul Akers discusses the FastCap tour of Japan and Lexus for the 3rd time with Brad Schmidt of Gemba Research.

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Lean Burger

Paul Akers discusses Lean Principles at In-n-Out Burger restaurant.

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Dr. Wei Tours FastCap

Paul Akers interviews Dr. Wei after a tour of the FastCap factory. They discuss the application of Lean in the health care industry.

For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

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