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How many walls do you see?

Check out Brad Cairns article on Woodworking Network. Here is an excerpt regarding the Japan Study Mission.

“Then came the magical moment: Paul said, “Hold on,” to the person he’s talking to, looks at me and says, “You wanna go?” I couldn’t have said, “Yes” any faster or more emphatically. He returned to his conversation and said, “I don’t know how, but we have to get one more on the trip
This was unquestionably what is referred to in the sports world as the The Sports Network turning point of my life.

I went on the Japan study-mission. It was mind-blowing. The Japanese operate at a level that we can barely comprehend, yet the principles are unbelievably simple.

While we did see some amazing factories in operation, I would say equally as important was being trapped on a bus with 25 other lean maniacs. It’s analogous to being a golfer and running into a fellow golfer at a party. Instantly you have this bond and before long it seems like you have been friends for years. Well, the experience was like that, except on steroids.”

Lean Grocery Store | Japan Study Mission

Paul takes us through the shopping process at Trial Grocery Store in Kyushu, Japan. This is one of the stops on the Japan Study Mission. If you are serious about Lean, join Paul in November 2018 for his next Japan Study Mission. To learn more, go to this link.

Magellan Health Welcome

Paul Akers welcomes Magellan Health on their Lean journey.

For more information on Magellan Health, visit their website.

Are you listening to your customers?

Just a few changes can make a big difference. Put your customers first!

Why Do We Do Lean?

Ryan Tierney, at Seating Matters, sent this video where he asked the staff, “Why do we do Lean”?

Leaving it better than you found it

Are you leaving things better than you found them? The folks at Decorquip show us how!

2 Second Lean

Kevin at Joseph A. Interiors / DeLeers Construction plugs 2 Second Lean. Thanks, Kevin!

Cambridge Welcomes Lean Expert Mr. Shingo

Our good friends at Cambridge Engineering welcomed Mr. Ritsuo Shingo for a second time this Spring and we’re fortunate that they captured a video to share.

Is your work area set up for constant improvements?

Gary LeClerc, of Renew Furniture, sent us this video showing how he Leaned out his Chop Saw Station.