Lean Hotel

Paul Akers shows how easy it is to check in at the Tokyu Stay Hakata. He also shows a lot of the Lean features.

For more information on the Japan Study Mission, got to this link.

Morning Meeting at Tegu | Honduras

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Tegu Lean | Honduras

Hi Everyone, I am about to go on the most incredible trip of my lifetime…going to Honduras to work with a company called Tegu who makes magnetic children’s toys. I am going there strictly on a humanitarian basis to help this company implement Lean so they can keep the 300+ jobs that this amazing company has created…please be thinking of me this week…it’s the most important trip! Here’s a video of their company. ~Paul

Lean Green or Black Belt?

Look what happens when Paul Akers is asked whether he has a Green or Black Belt in Lean?

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Lean starts in a public bathroom

Paul Akers discusses leaving public bathroom better then when he finds them. Show me what you do in the bathroom!

This is what exceptional leadership looks like

Are your employees making continuous improvement videos?

Why Lean Fails?

Do you delegate Lean? Then you’re bound to fail!

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10 years of waste | 2 Second Lean in China

Hugh shares with us 10 Years of waste in China. Are you fixing what bugs you?

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How many walls do you see?

My buddy, Brad Cairns, shared this article on the Woodworking Network blog. Brings back such good memories!!!

“If you are anything like me and, dare I say, most business owners, you are up before the birds trying desperately to get some work done before everyone gets to the shop and the rest of the day goes sideways. We don’t usually head home until the sun is going down or the necessity to eat overcomes our ability to work.

This is the million-dollar question, “How many walls do you see?” Not physically, but metaphorically.

It’s likely that you only see your four walls. For about 20 years I was no different. But then something amazing happened. I’d like to share that story with you.”

To read the entire article, press here.

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“Why I Was Wrong About 2 Second Lean”

Dan Markovitz posted this article on his blog. Very thought-provoking.

“It’s time to admit that one of my consulting approaches has failed.

I’m a huge fan of Paul Akers’ 2 Second Lean philosophy. It’s simple, easy to understand, and has an intrinsic appeal: “fix what bugs you.” “Figure out how to do your job two seconds faster each day.” Who wouldn’t sign on to a lean program that promotes that mindset?

So off I went to my clients, with Paul’s videos embedded in my PowerPoint presentation, ready to show them how 2 Second Lean is the answer to their productivity problems, their low employee engagement and morale scores, their mediocre customer service, and their too-high defect rates.

And I failed.”

To read the entire article, press here.

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