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Quality and Steel

Paul Akers discusses The Isuzu Group…a very visionary company. We can all learn from their operational excellence! Pay attention to the 60 second changing of the die!

Change your View!

Paul Akers discusses how with Lean you constantly need to change your view. The most important improvement you can make is the improvement you can make right now.

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Quality Seen and Unseen

Paul Akers visits a Kawada Industries job site and discusses their precision and efficiency…even on items unseen.

Amazing Cell Design

Paul Akers discusses a magical cell design in a Japanese company.

Lean Signage

Chris Hotze, of Crescere Capital Management, sent us this video showing how simple KPI’s can help standardize their mall signs.

Can a shopping mall be Lean?

Paul Akers walks us through a Lean shopping center in Japan. Not only do they practice Lean, they teach their renters to practice Lean!

Is your Sushi Lean?

Paul Akers takes us along to a Sushi restaurant in Japan…and it is Lean!

More improvements

Giving the customer what they want

Lean Pallet Desk

John Montanari, of The Kartel, sent us this video showing the Lean pallet desk transition. These guys are always improving!!!

Lean Demolition

Chris Hotze, of Crescere Capital Management, sent us this video showing how even building demolition can have Lean components.

There’s nothing quite like a skilled excavator operator but when they practicing recycling at that level that’s a wonderment:) Imagine all the valuable discarded things we bury every day. If everyone did things at this level imagine the available resources!

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Part 2