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Culture Isn’t Costly

Tue Dec 27, 2011

Successful company culture can make the difference between a workplace people dread and one they brag about. You don’t have to have a Google-sized budget to offer great culture. Many culture-changing initiatives have no direct costs to the company. In fact, when properly executed, culture-improving initiatives can lower company costs in both the short and long term. To Read More

Boeing Helps State with Lean Management Reforms


When announcing her proposed budget reduction strategy, Governor Gregoire also highlighted one way the state hopes to improve service delivery even as changes are made to program funding levels: Lean management.
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Lean Desk

How to change the way you think about a conventional office. Lean thinking is a powerful way of thinking, that eliminates waste at every turn and where you would least expect. Paul Akers takes you on his lean journey to creating a lean work place and a super lean office.

Lean Batchwork vs. One Piece flow

FastCap team members demonstrate a Lean process to improve in the injection molding area.

What Bugs You WH2

Yuriy was frustrated by his filing cabinet that kept tilting when he extended the drawers. He thought of quick 2-second improvement with just a couple screws. Wow, could it be any easier? Now his drawers stay in place.

Lean Dust Control

FastCap team members walk us through a simple yet effective Lean improvement using our own FastEdge!

Traffic “Flow”

This is a magical video on the power of Flow. Flow is one of the major tenants of understanding and becoming a lean thinker. When ever thing stop and start waste appears, conversely efficiency is gained when we work towards Flow. Enjoy and the next time you enter a round about cheer and thank a Lean thinker! Thanks Michelle. for sending me this video.
Part 1: Roads FiT for People

Part 2: Roads FiT for People

Newt Gingrich

Please watch this Video. Newt Gingrich is wrong on one point. We should not teach lean to every member of congress, we should DEMAND that they are Lean experts in order to be a part of congress. We don’t have the time to teach them Lean.

EPA Case Studies

Found some interesting case studies where the EPA and other state organization are going lean.

Washington Attorney General’s Office Going LEAN

How exciting to read this article today and share it with you. In the June issue of his monthly newsletter, Washington State Attorney General shared that his office is going to be adopting the LEAN principles. Following is excerpt from his article. The entire newsletter is viewable (with a video) on the Attorney General web site.

Earlier this year, my office adopted LEAN government, a collection of principles and methods that identify and eliminate activities that fail to add value to our mission. I was inspired to incorporate LEAN principles after visiting organizations such as Children’s Hospital in Seattle, where they have successfully adopted the Toyota Production System (based on the “kaizen” concept of continuous improvement which draws on staff member input).

Our goal in this effort is to rapidly identify ways to enhance our ability to complete the work of the Attorney General’s Office in a new budget environment with fewer employees. To that end, we used our “Speak Up” program as the platform to launch this new initiative.

I hope you enjoy the complete letter from Rob McKenna. It is exciting to watch the changes going on in government.