Bathroom Remodel

Paul: We just finished our bathroom remodel. My lean drawer is almost done, next is the kids….Brian

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2 Second Lean Fan

Hi Paul, I’m carrying the torch to my team. Thanks for the inspiration! Trying to NOT boil the ocean however…quite the challenge…Greg

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Paul Speaks at Cambia Health

Recently, Paul Akers spoke about lean principles at Cambia Health and Max Janasik, Director of Business Design, was kind enough to share some of the employee quotes.

“Paul was the best and most inspiring speaker I have heard in the two years I have been at Cambia.”

“I learned a lot from Paul’s examples of eliminating waste using Lean. I took ideas back with me that I can implement.”

“Very engaging. A dynamic speaker with great voice quality, presence, and command of the room. Great visual
presentation tools. Nice balance of humor and insight to drive home the and reinforce his message — see waste, and
eliminate waste through continuous process improvement.”

“Mr. Akers was very gracious. He did not mind, rather encouraged, interruption, kept the content easy to understand and
very interesting and the time seemed to fly by. I plan on reading his book and will incorporate the idea of looking for waste
and eliminating it not only at work but at home.”

“Best two hours ever!”

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Peterson Publication Article

Dianna Brodine, Managing Editor or Peterson Publication, provided this article titled “Waste Eradication Culture Starts with a Toilet Seat: A Conversation with Paul Akers”.

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Washington State Government Lean Transformation Conference

Date: October 23 -24, 2012
Location: Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center

Press here for more information.

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A Lean Journey Blog

Check out this Post on the Lean Journey Blog. It is titled Lean and 5S at Home with Paul Akers. For more information on lean, go to 2 Second Lean.

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Changing a Tire the Lean Way…or Not!





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Lean In The Classroom

Darryn Kleyn is a teacher at Cornerstone Christian School, and he and his students have been doing amazing things using lean principles. And Darryn has gotten noticed. An editor of a teachers’ magazine in Ontario asked him to write an article on applying lean in the classroom. Here is a sneak preview.

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Strong Visual Controls!

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Paul Interviewed by Mark Graban

Mark Graban, or Lean Blog, interviewed Paul about his book, 2 Second Lean. Press here to listen to the interview. Press here for more information on Paul’s book.

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