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Lean Snow Removal

Brian Way, of BP Way, sent us this video saying, “Here is my “2 second Lean Improvement” for the day! No one likes cleaning snow off their truck, but it is both illegal and dangerous to others to keep it up there. Grab a roof rake and a quick bend or 2 with a pipe bender and you have an easier way to clean the snow from the roof of your truck! Stay Safe!”

Lean Chicken Coop

Thomas Riner, of Fancy Hill Farms, sent us this video showing how a mobile chicken coop is a lean chicken coop. Genious!!!

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Lean Gap Handle

Thomas Riner, of Fancy Hill Farms, sent us this video and said. “I also wanted you to know that you have inspired me to start a YouTube channel called Farming Outside The Box. It is a channel for documenting farming innovation, lean on the farm, and old school farming. Its in the very early stages but I’m excited about it.”

Love that lean can be applied anywhere. Thanks Thomas! Keep up the great work. We’ll be checking your channel periodically for innovative videos!!!

The 8 Wastes…A Shaving Story

Paul Akers demonstrates the eight waste using a recent shopping trip and resulting shaving story. You never know when lean will come in handy!!!

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Lean Water Balloons


Now that’s a very lean way to make water balloons! Press here to read the rest of the story and to watch their video.

Hot or Cold?

Ashley Bailey, of Klime-Ezee, uses strong visual controls so his kids can know the hot water from the cold.

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Quick Pencil Sharpening

Fernando Gonzalez sent us this video showing a super lean way to make sure your FatBoy Pencil is always sharp! Now you can have lead that is super strong and super sharp!

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Lean Eggs

Paul Akers does a comparison of cooking eggs and toast the traditional way verses using a toaster with an egg cooker built in. Nothing like going to the shop floor to do a lean comparison.

Kaizen Foam Review

Chad Schimmel sent us this video showing how his used FastCap’s Kaizen Foam to get more organized in his garage shop. We love getting these videos!

Shoe Cleaning Box

Ashley Bailey, of Klime-Ezee, sent us this video showing his kids, Katie and William, using FastCap’s Kaizen Foam to organize the Shoe Cleaning Box. Smart kids!!!

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