Lean Document Signing

Printing and signing documents can be time consuming. But watch Robert Olinger cut the waste of 3 minutes 16 seconds for each signature.

“Suggestion Box”

We watched this 1945 movie from the US Office of War Information World War II during our morning meeting. “How war plant workers made suggestions that resulted in efficiency and economy.”

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Thank you to our Armed Forces At Camp Pendleton

Paul Akers sends thanks the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton.

Zero Waste Town!

Check out this Facebook link for a video about Kamikatsu, Japan…a zero waste town!

Is Government Lean?

Did you know when I ran for the U.S. Senate and the Seattle Times look down their nose at me when I told him I wanted to bring Lean to Washington D.C.? I think the times are changing…watch this video!

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Lean Roads

100% Lean-roads in Israel. No traffic lights!

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King County Executive Says County Is Getting ‘Leaner’

King County Executive Dow Constantine gave his State of the County address yesterday. He spent a good deal time talking about how some county operations have gotten more efficient under his administration. Constantine credits a Japanese production process that is aimed at cutting waste. KUOW’s Deborah Wang has more.

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State Prisons Follow Businesses By Going Lean

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Lean in every part of government

Paul Akers discusses cutting 10% out of the Federal Government!

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What is lean?

Paul Akers explains lean in 1 minute.