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Raising A Printer

There are so many areas where 2-second improvements can be made. Jenny, in our office, made an easy improvement to fix something that was bugging her. That is really what making 2-second improvements is all about. Great job, Jenny!

Lean Material Storage

FastCap Team members discuss Lean material storage in the workspace.

Lean Poka Yoke

A FastCap team member discusses Poka Yoke as a Lean way to organize RocBlocs.

Lean Paint Cart

Paul Akers discusses FastCap’s Lean Paint Cart.

Jenny’s Lean Eye

Paul Akers discusses how Jenny uses Lean to see improvements everywhere.

Lean Cutter Change

A FastCap team member discusses how Lean can improve daily work tasks.

Keep Your Coffee in Place

Earlier today my coffee fell off my desk for the six time. So, I figured maybe there was a pattern there and an opportunity for improvement. I found a simple fix 2-second improvement by gluing a tape core to by desk. Now my coffee stays in place. No more mess. No more frustration. Fix what bugs you!

Lean Very Simple Workplace Improvement

A FastCap Team member discusses how to use Lean in a daily work space.

Poka Yoke – Process Improvement

Paul discusses the lean principle, Poka Yoke (mistake proofing), for process improvement. Now we can line up our labels perfectly each time!

Lean: Ford Camacari Facility

Check out this amazing video!