Family Trip to Greece & Italy

Paul Akers’ Family visit Italy and Greece for his mom’s 86th birthday.

Day 1 Rome

Day 2 Rome Morning

Day 2 Rome Noon

Day 3 Pompeii Part 1

Day 3 Pompeii Part 2

Day 3 The Amalfi Coast Part 3

Day 4 Capri

Day 5 Italy to Greece

Day 6 Olympia

Day 7 Delphi

Day 8 Athens

Day 9 Athens

Washington Attorney General’s Office Going LEAN

How exciting to read this article today and share it with you. In the June issue of his monthly newsletter, Washington State Attorney General shared that his office is going to be adopting the LEAN principles. Following is excerpt from his article. The entire newsletter is viewable (with a video) on the Attorney General web site.

Earlier this year, my office adopted LEAN government, a collection of principles and methods that identify and eliminate activities that fail to add value to our mission. I was inspired to incorporate LEAN principles after visiting organizations such as Children’s Hospital in Seattle, where they have successfully adopted the Toyota Production System (based on the “kaizen” concept of continuous improvement which draws on staff member input).

Our goal in this effort is to rapidly identify ways to enhance our ability to complete the work of the Attorney General’s Office in a new budget environment with fewer employees. To that end, we used our “Speak Up” program as the platform to launch this new initiative.

I hope you enjoy the complete letter from Rob McKenna. It is exciting to watch the changes going on in government.