Japan Study Mission Team 30

Tom Hughes took a great recap video of day 1 on the Japan Study Mission. For more information, press here.

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Mini Fueling Trucks

Paul Akers found some mini fueling trucks in Japan. Now that is Lean!

Japanese Onsen

Paul Akers discusses the protocol at a Japanese Onsen. Many Japan Study Mission trips will visit an Onsen, so it is good to be prepared! Press here for more information on the Japan Study Mission.

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Japanese Roof or Bridge

Paul Akers explains how the Japanese create a roof or bridge over their driveways with a tree.

Shikoku Island

Paul Akers takes us along when he visits Shikoku Island in Japan. Press here to learn more about the Japan Study Mission.

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Japan Study Mission Team 32



At Kyushu Steel

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Things to do in Kyushu, Japan

Getting to Kyushu, Japan early for the Japan Study Mission? Check out Granger Forson’s (Team 32) videos of things to do.

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Applying Lean Thinking to Your Business

Paul Akers was a guest on The Process Makes Perfect podcast discussing what lean thinking is, breaking the cycle of stagnant thinking, and applying lean thinking to your business and your life.

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Keeping the Rope Tight

The Japan Study Mission Team learns the power of keeping the rope tight. Are you holding to your standards?


What lengths do you go to avoid mistakes?