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The American Innovator – Survival is Not Mandatory

Paul Akers, of The American Innovator broadcast, shares an example from Clyde about how overproduction had devastating effects for one organization.

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FastCap’s SuperMount on DIY steadicam for my iPhone

“The FastCap SuperMount is incredibly versatile as shown here mounted to my DIY steadicam shoulder rig. It simply screws onto the Manfrotto quick release mounting plate and securely holds my iPhone, any smartphone or small digital camera.” David West of MV Construction

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Hauling the Mail

Cheryl at Walters & Wolf shows how they used lean principles to save time distributing the office mail.

Lean USB Cord

Dave West, of MV Construction, sent us this video of his 2 Second Improvement. For more information on Lean, visit our website.

Organizing Bins

Dave West, or MV Construction shows how he used lean principles to organize his bins. For more information on lean, visit 2 Second lean.

Paul Akers Shares Tips for Morning Meetings

While in Israel, Paul Akers visited with Sam Korb of Lean Israel. For more information on Lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

Lean – Band Strapping

Ashley Bailey of Klime-Ezee sent us this video. Here is what he has to say, “As part of the Lean implementation in our factory this week we found a reel of band strapping and some equipment. It was on a very cumbersome base and wasn’t easy to use at all! We fabricated a small trolley to better utilise it and improve our packaging facilities. Our lean mission continues! This video was inspired by Paul Akers from at 2 Second Lean.”

FastEver Snap for Evernote

David West, of Meadowview Construction shares his latest lean idea…using the iPhone App FastEver to reduce time organizing his receipts.

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Lean Organizing Drill Bits

Paul Akers demonstrates how he organizes his drill bits. For more information on Fastcap, visit our website.

Lean Wire Cutter

David West of Meadowview Construction submitted this video of how he used a magnet to help save time when cutting a screw. For more information on Lean, visit 2 Second Lean. For more information on FastCap’s Power Magnets, visit our website.