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What My Dad Taught Me | Principle 1

Paul Akers shares principle #1 of what he learned from his dad: Be a force of nature!

2 Things for Success?

Paul Akers provide insight to Scott about what you need to be successful. Great mentors and making yourself as Lean as possible.

Vichy France Ironman

Today’s the day! Getting ready for my second ironman!

Byodoin Temple

At the Byodoin Temple in Uji, Kyoto.

Respect for People – Waitstaff at Nagoya Hilton

Paul Akers explains the trick he used to memorized the names of the waitstaff at the Nagoya Hilton.

Paul’s New Taylor Guitar

Once in a lifetime…but for me it was three times.

Forty years ago I walked into a dusty woodshop in Lemon Grove, California where Bob Taylor hired me the day I graduated from high school. The next two years I got to watch one of the greatest innovators of all time transform the musical instrument industry. That experience molded me and change me forever and made me a fearless innovator. Just like Bob I stopped caring about what other people thought about me and pursued excellence and innovation at every turn. How could I be so lucky to witness this at such a young age?

Six weeks ago I received a text message from Bob asking if I could travel with him around the world and document the Taylor Guitars World Forestry Tour. What? Why me? Could this really be happening?

Two days ago Bob presented me with the most beautiful guitar I’ve ever seen in my life…custom made to his specifications. I was totally undeserving, humbled and in tears. It is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received!

Three times in a lifetime!

~Paul Akers

What to hear about Paul’s first job?

Paul Akers discusses what he learned from his first job selling flowers.

Mavic Test Flight

Paul Akers does a test flight of his new (incredible) DJI Mavic.

For more information on DJI, visit their website.

Nagoya Fish Market

Paul Akers visit a Nagoya Fish Market. The biggest tuna ever!

Korean DMZ

I’m at the DMZ on the border of South and North Korea!