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Amazing Bonsai in China

I visited a Bonsai Farm in China 2011. For more information on FastCap’s Mini iPole and SuperMount, visit our website.

UPS World Port Simulators

Paul Akers takes us along as he flies the simulators at UPS.

My favorite Mexican Restaurant

Good eating at Las Cuatro Milpas.

The Biggest Hole In The World

Paul Aker’s visits Kennecott Utah, home of the largest copper mine in the world. Paul uses FastCap’s Mini iPole to film a portion of this video. For more information on this product, visit our website.

Flying the Cascades

Paul Akers is off on a fantastic flight in the Cascade Mountains in a Jet Prop, Piper Malibu DLX.


Hiking the Twin Sisters

Paul Akers and Jon go hiking at the Twin Sisters.

Winchester Mountain Lookout

Another KILLER day in the North Cascades. Paul Akers and friend head up to Winchester Mountain Lookout today. A warm fall day with crystal clear skies. Used FastCap’s iPole to video the trip. For more information on FastCap’s iPole, visit our website.

Chain Lakes

Paul and Leanne Akers take their friends Cathy and Bruce up to Chain Lake and Paul recorded the hike using FastCap’s iPole. For more information on FastCap’s iPole, visit our website.