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Hang Gliding

Sam, of Lean Israel, shares a video of his first hang gliding trip off a mountain. The site was on the Gilboa range, at “Saul’s Shoulder” (literal translation – I think a more accurate translation would be “Saul’s Point”). This, by the way, is the site of the famous biblical Battle of Gilboa, in which Saul committed suicide by falling on his sword rather than being taken alive by the Amelekites. If only he had had a hang glider, perhaps he could have gotten away…

Add Power to Your C Clamp

Isaac submitted this video showing how creative you can get when bringing lean to the shop. Great job!

Lean Glue Bottle

Brian Kliss of Kliss Cabinets submitted this video with a great shop tip for using felt on the bottom of the glue bottle to clean the little bits of dust and trash on panel edges prior to gluing them. Thanks for the great idea! For other lean ideas, visit 2 Second Lean.

Lean Bathroom

Greg Glebe submitted this video show a very creative way to save time waiting for the bathroom.

For more lean ideas, visit 2 Second lean.

Lean Drawer Security

Dave West, of Meadowview Construction, shares this video showing how he leaned out the process of securing the drawers in his van. So simple! So smart! For more information on lean, visit our 2 Second Lean.

Lean Sweeping

Dave West, of Meadowview Construction, shares a 2 Second Improvement for sweeping his shop. For other 2 Second Improvements, visit our website.

Waste Runway

Bankers in Europe dress up in waste to illustrate how waste is everywhere, and have some fun in the process.

Lean at Work

Scotty Miller of Briggs Medical Service Company sent us the following photos and stated, “Just wanted to share some small but steady improvements we have made to some cluttered areas using 5S. Our next step is to purchase some long nose markers and Kaizen foam for another project. Thanks for what you do!!”

Supply Cabinet before/after











Box Rack before/after

Hanging Euro Style Cabinet Doors

Hugh submitted this video showing a lean way to hang Euro style cabinet doors. Great idea!

Lean Banking

Originally a graduate at RBS in the UK, Preeti is now a Lean Change Agent. She goes into different business areas at RBS and completely transforms them. In her role she can really see the impact she is making on the business, when her suggestions for improvement are taken on board and implemented. Preeti appreciates the varied nature of her role, and prides herself in being able to build and maintain relationships with her clients. The recognition culture in the business is very good, which is very motivating for Preeti.