Lean at Home 1

How Paul Akers practice lean manufacturing at home. People always ask him “do you do lean at home?” Yes yes yes, he is always improving everything and the quality of his life is forever improving. This is a quick video of Paul answering that question.

Lean kitchen

Paul Akers talks about how they leaned our their kitchen at FastCap.

2 Second Lean

Paul Akers talks about fixing what bugs you with a 2 Second Lean Improvement!

Lean: Learn to See Tour

Paul Akers uses a number of examples to explain lean principles.

Rob Westford

THANK YOU.  Your dedication to your company and your commitment to help others learn and grow is outstanding.
In¬†just a few weeks, through your online videos, radio show and two company¬†tours you have inspired¬†me to make¬†many changes in my¬†professional and personal life.¬†For me,¬†LEAN is a organizational,¬†managerial¬†and motivational¬†theory¬†unlike anything I’ve been exposed¬†to in 4 years of college and 14 years¬†of¬†business, both large and small. Thank you for¬†being so passionate¬†LEAN and willing to share with others.

And thanks also to Jon and the rest of your staff for sharing Fastcap with us.  Your company has set the bar high for small businesses like mine to aim for.

Rob Westford

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