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2 Second Lean – Spanish (Español)

The YouTube version of 2 Second Lean is now available in Spanish (Español). Check it out. To check out all the language available, go to this link.

Are you a Pinto or a Ferrari?

In Paul Akers’ book, Lean Health, he asked the question, “Do you treat your body like a Ferrari or a Pinto?”

Icelandic 2 Second Lean

So cool. I just met with Petur Arason and his wife, from Iceland, where I will be traveling next week to speak. My book 2 Second Lean has now been translated and Icelandic. Wow, crazy good!

Practicing Lean

“If we keep practicing, we might get good at it eventually. We all have a starting point in our personal “Lean journeys.” Looking back at our first year of work in Lean or continuous improvement methodologies, we probably weren’t very good at it. What are our reflections and lessons learned? This book is a compilation of those stories.”

To listen to Chapter 5 (Paul’s contribution), press here.

To purchase, press here. (100% of proceeds are being donated to the non-profit Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation)

12 Languages | 2 Second Lean


Did you know that 2 Second Lean is now available in 12 languages? Check it out.

Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award




Today “2 Second Lean” receives the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award! Very humbled!

Airline Lounge Orientation

Paul Akers recommends looking around at airports and airport lounges. Sometime the best stuff is a little harder to find.

Lean Health changed my life


“At 66, Lean Health changed my life” ~Max Lemberger

Press here to watch his video.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital Tour

Marc Braun, of Cambridge Engineering, sent us this video sharing about St. Louis Children’s Hospital tour of Cambridge Engineering. They loved 2 Second Lean.

Max is Living Lean

Max Lemberger sent us this testimonial about how Lean Health changed his life. It is well worth the 5 minutes to watch this video. It can change your life!