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*Everyone, please download this app for the Toyota Commemorative Museum. This is the birthplace of Toyota and we will be visiting it. This app will be very helpful for some of you as you go through the Museum. I will be leading you through the museum but there are so many exhibits this might be very useful. You can click and it will play a recording which can be really helpful. I suggest you download the app ahead of time when you have a good Wi-Fi connection.

Documentation referenced during tour:

Morning Meeting: PDF or key (zipped) Paul’s notes from Mr. Amezawa talk: pdf or docx. Banish Sloppiness: pdf or YouTube. Japan Kanban: pdf or key or YouTube. Japanese Vocabulary Words: pdf or key or YouTube. Japanese Lean Words: pdf or key or YouTube.

Everyone hopefully this will help fill in all the blanks on your note-taking. Here is the folder on my Google Drive with all the PDFs for all the talks.
Click on the Google Drive icon.