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Meet the Japan Experience Team.

Paul Akers – Leader. Entrepreneur, president of FastCap, author, speaker & Lean maniac..

Mami Takeda

Mami Takeda – Co-Leader. A native of Japan; has traveled extensively throughout the world and was educated in the United States & Canada; is fluent in Japanese, English, and Korean; has organized Lean Study Missions in both Korea and Japan over the past 15+ years.

Mr. Masamoto Amezawa – Speaker & Lean Adviser. Former president and CEO of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky and vice president of Lexus. Mr. Amezawa is one in a million both in his experience and communication style. Most importantly he will change your life with his wealth of information and winsome ways.

Mr. Sakashi Umemura – Speaker & Lean Adviser. President of Mifune, a Tier 2 Toyota supplier of metal stamping. Mr. Umemura is the consummate example of an entrepreneur and businessman who started from nothing. He and his team have built an amazing company and he brings to the table a wealth of experience and passion.

Mr. Mogi

Mr. Ken Mogi – Lecturer & Lean Advisor. A renowned neuroscientist and author of over 100 books, including his best-selling book Ikigai. He is a radio and television personality and lectures around the world. Mr. Mogi is one of the most compelling people you’ll ever meet.

Mr. Teruo Yabe – Speaker & Omitenashi Adviser. Former executive director of Tessei, a Shinkansen cleaning company. Mr. Yabe brings to the table the consummate example of Japanese professionalism and vision. As the top leader of a very traditional Japanese organization, he facilitated one of the most epic transformations in the corporate world.

Ritsuo Shingo

Mr. Ritsuo Shingo – Speaker & Lean Adviser. Former President Toyota & Hino Motors China. Son of renowned Japanese guru Dr. Shigeo Shingo, in his 40+ years in Toyota he helped in the startup of five Toyota plants outside Japan. He set a record by bringing a Toyota manufacturing plant to profit in its first year of operations.

Mr. Shoukei Matsumoto

Mr. Shoukei Matsumoto – Lecturer & Lean Advisor. A 21st-century monk who is an author and speaks around the world on how to be present through the practice of Soji. Mr. Matsumoto’s popular book ‘A Monk’s Guide to a Clean House and Mind‘ has been translated into over 20 languages.