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Lean Newbies

The guys at Cambridge Engineering made this video of their first improvements.

What is the most important improvement?

Quick and easy leveling the boom lift

R.Ramirez, of Walters and Wolf, shares his 2 Second Lean improvement for the day.



Lean Rental Car

Paul Akers discusses his Lean process for checking out a rental car.

Respect for People – Waitstaff at Nagoya Hilton

Paul Akers explains the trick he used to memorized the names of the waitstaff at the Nagoya Hilton.

Do your racks look like this?

Ted Cobb, of Spacia Group, sent us this video showing how they Leaned out their sample molding racks.

Management Expedition in Iceland Welcome

Paul Akers invited everyone for a wonderful adventure at the Management Expedition in Iceland on August 23-26, 2017. Not only do you get to learn about Lean, but the adventure also includes the most beautiful nature scenes in the south of Iceland.

Press here for more information.

Japan Mission Trip Logistics

How to catch the bus at Nagoya Airport

How to catch the train at Nagoya Airport

How to catch the bus at Nagoya Hilton to Nagoya Airport

XL Construction Event

Down at Monterey Bay getting ready to speak to the great folks at XL Construction.

Want to make travel a little easier?