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Lean Survival Skills

My friend Harvey sent me this video. I have never heard six sigma so well described and defined as by this hunter (Dave Canterbury of The Pathfinder School). Bravo! Paul Akers

YouTube Link

Land Rover Waste

Martin Atkins sent us this example of what is NOT lean at Land Rover.

Lean: Fine Line Automation

It is great to see lean in action at other organizations! Here are some videos from Fine Line Automation showing how they are incorporating lean principles.

Lean: Fork Lift

Lean: Extrusion Rack

Lean: Miter Saw Hood

Lean: Drill Press

Trivan Book Signing

Paul Akers speaks at Trivan on lean principles and does a book signing for 2 second Lean.

What is lean?

Paul Akers explains lean in 1 minute.

Lean Visual Controls

This Sunriver, OR job site is thinking lean with strong visual controls.

Lean: The Waste of Waiting

Paul Akers discusses how to save time unloading from a plane….to make it more Lean!

Waste, waste, waste…it’s everywhere

Paul Akers talk about how waste can be found everywhere.

Lean Lexus

Paul Akers discusses the FastCap tour of Japan and Lexus for the 3rd time with Brad Schmidt of Gemba Research.

Lean Burger

Paul Akers discusses Lean Principles at In-n-Out Burger restaurant.