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Lean Exposure

Cambridge Engineering takes us along on their Lean journey to McElroy Manufacturing and Tulsa Tube Bending in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Fastcaps to the rescue again!

Emma at Klime-Ezee, uses FastCap’s namesake, the Fastcap Cover Caps, to fix what bugs her!

Fix What Bugs You

Sometime you just need a giant Fastcap & PowerMags to fix what bugs you! Obviously the guys at Renew Furniture have a lot of time on their hands 🙂

Fastcap, we have to do a lot better!

We watched this at our morning meeting and Paul said, “Fastcap, we have to do a lot better for our country….. let’s make it happen!!!!!”

Lean Chop Saw Station

Gary LeClerc, of Renew Furniture, sent us this video showing how he Leaned out his Chope Saw with the following FastCap Products. Cool!

Best FenceChopShop Saw Hoods
LED Saw Hood Light
10 Million Dollar Stick
CatEyes Glasses
Zero Clearance Tape

Lean Pocket Hole Station

Ken Allender, of Wildwood Cabinetry, sent us this video showing a super improvement Fitz made to their pocket hole station.

Do you need an Ongoing Improvements Board?

Filipe Marques, of Torre, sent us this video showing how seeing this at Xylem Design, they created an Ongoing Improvements Board. Maybe you could use one, too?

Lean Paint Cans

Joe Hinkens, of Mainline Autobody, sent us this video their 2 Second Lean improvement with the aerosol paints.

Lean Filing

Ashley Bailey, of Klime-Ezee, sent us this video how by one small step he fixed what bug him from now on when filing.

Lean Ladder

Greg Glebe, of Xylem Design, sent us this video showing how very simple Lean can be when you fix what bugs you!