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2 Second Lean in Germany

Paul Akers works with Christiana, of Yellotools, to get a process down from 46 seconds to 10 seconds. For more information on Yellowtools, visit their website.

Lean Transformation at Northwest Podiatric Laboratory

Paul Akers speaks with Ruben & Laura at Northwest Podiatric Laboratory about their lean transformation (changes from a push system to one piece flow). For more information on Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, visit their website.

Meet the Mechanical drill powered Dinosaur named Bob!

Izzy is at it again. Meet Bob, the drill powered T-Rex. You’ve gotta watch this!

For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

Toyota helps Hurricane Victims

“Toyota help feed Hurricane Sandy Victims with Toyota Production System = “the summation of many, many small, cheap improvements can have a big impact.” Make work Easier Smarter Safer #ESS for the workers…”

St. Bernard Project (SBP) and Toyota partnership made an elderly resident’s ravaged family home whole again after Hurricane Katrina.

Best Fence Trash Can

Dave West, of Meadowview Construction, sent us this video showing how he uses the rail system on FastCap’s Best Fence to make it easier to discard his workplace trash.

For more information on FastCap’s Best Fence product line, visit our website.

Lean Rap

Dave, of H&H Color Lab, sent us this video saying, “I thought I would update you on our journey. Our teams are busy with 3S each morning and are engaging pretty well. It is amazing how much trash, dirt, unused items, etc… that they are finding. We actually have a team member who wrote a short rap song/video. I have shared it below. I hope you enjoy.”

Lean Tape Dispenser

“We’ve been using two hands to pull tape for years! Thanks +FastCap for getting us started! Two weeks in and there’s already a movement happening at FireSprint!”

Lean Sushi

This video show Japanese conveyor belt technology and the efficiency achieved in delivery sushi to the customer. High-level lean thinking applied to sushi!

BI Group Welcome

Paul Akers sends a welcome to the BI Group where he will be visiting in about a month in Kazakhstan. For more information on the BI Group, visit their website.

Plastic Promotions Lean Journey

Mark, from Plastic Promotions, sent us these videos showing their Lean Journey.