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FedEx Lean Learning Library

Here’s a page from a FedEx Lean Learning Library book. Good stuff!


Appliance Tester

Ben sent us this video showing his first 2 second improvement video and his very first Youtube video! Keep it up, Ben!

Xylem Design’s Lean Progress

Hear about Xylem Design’s lean progress directly from the team! Way to go!

The Turtle and the Rabbit

What are the lessons you can learn from the Turtle and the Rabbit?

The Race. from Alex kibet on Vimeo.

Leaner Pit Stop

Go to this video to take a look at how much the pit stop has changed over the years (1950 vs 2013).

Starbucks Visual Controls

Paul Akers notices the strong visual controls that Starbucks has created by labeling all their add ins.

BI Group – Inventory Management

Paul Akers discusses the new inventory management system at the BI Group.

BI Group Greeting from FastCap

The FastCap team send well wishes to the BI Group in Kazakhstan. For more information on the BI Group, visit their website.

When the leader at the top gets it!

Paul Akers shows how the BI Group in Kazakhstan gets lean because it all starts at the top. For more information on the BI Group, visit their website.

Lean Room Key

Paul Akers discusses how even small things have process…and that process can continuously be improved. Stop the struggle!