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Average Sucks

Paul Akers asked the question why are we content with average. Average sucks. Stop accepting average starting right now!

Paul’s Travel Workout

Paul Akers describes the workout he does every morning while traveling in China.

Thank you to our Armed Forces At Camp Pendleton

Paul Akers sends thanks the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton.

Introducing Lean Health

Paul Akers discusses his latest book, Lean Health. “If I were to summarize my entire book in one word it would be ‘Ferrari.'”

Learning to cook Thai food

Paul Akers takes a Thai cooking class in Thailand. He is learning a lot about Thai ingredients.

Eating Weird Fruit – Seeing food clearly

Paul Akers show us all the wonderful fruit and vegetables available in the market. The only package you should open is the on God made!

Breakfast In India!

Paul Akers describes the amazing breakfast that he has while traveling in India. Keep it fresh!

The pounds come off!

Paul Akers discusses how the pounds are coming off for a lot of his Lean Health followers.

Why bodybuilding at age 93 is a great idea

We watched this TEDx talk given by Charles Eugster in Zurich. So good and funny, too! Get out there and work, move, and eat right!

Skiing at Age 95?

At the age of 95, Klaus Obermeyer is still getting in more ski days than most people half his age.

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