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Lean: Printer

One of my customers created this video. Wow, what a simple way to save money and time by printing on the backside of already used sheets of paper. If you have a video you would like us to share, contact us and let us know.

Lean Recording Studio

Watch Paul as he uses FastCap’s Speedtape to quickly transform an ordinary room into a soundproof recording studio. Wow!

Lean Batchwork vs. One Piece flow

FastCap team members demonstrate a Lean process to improve in the injection molding area.

What Bugs You WH2

Yuriy was frustrated by his filing cabinet that kept tilting when he extended the drawers. He thought of quick 2-second improvement with just a couple screws. Wow, could it be any easier? Now his drawers stay in place.

Lean: 2 Second Improvements every day

Paul Akers discusses how he applies lean principles to keep things organized, making one small improvement each day. Look for Paul’s book called 2 Second Lean which will be out in a few weeks!

Lean Workbench Improvements

Paul Akers shows how Lean can improve a workbench. Just a few changes every day!

Lean in every part of government

Paul Akers discusses cutting 10% out of the Federal Government!

Lean in every part of government

Paul Akers explains how all of us are waste tornados

What is lean?

Paul Akers explains lean in 1 minute.

Traffic “Flow”

This is a magical video on the power of Flow. Flow is one of the major tenants of understanding and becoming a lean thinker. When ever thing stop and start waste appears, conversely efficiency is gained when we work towards Flow. Enjoy and the next time you enter a round about cheer and thank a Lean thinker! Thanks Michelle. for sending me this video.
Part 1: Roads FiT for People

Part 2: Roads FiT for People