Hog Panel Improvement

Thomas Riner, of Farming Outside the Box, shared this video showing how everyday small improvements are important!

Who said Lean had to be expensive?

Mavic Test Flight

Paul Akers does a test flight of his new (incredible) DJI Mavic.

For more information on DJI, visit their website.

Do you keep going, and going, and going?

Thomas Riner, of Fancy Hill Farms, shared this video discussing how Lean improvements can just keep going and going…you will never be done.

Are you making Lean fun?

The guys at Cambridge Engineering made this video. Nothing like having fun at work!

Lean is so Subtle

Paul Akers discusses how sometime you have to pay close attention to see subtle Lean.

Greeting American Chamber of Commerce

Paul Akers greets the American Chamber of Commerce. He will be speaking on Lean at their event on June 5, 2017 in Nagoya, Japan at the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce. For more information, go to this link.

What 7 Lean Experts Have To Say About Kaizen

Eric Raio ask Paul to contribute to his article called, “What 7 Lean Experts Have To Say About Kaizen”. Below is an excerpt:

“‘Kaizen is a mindset!’

Is what people say​, however when people are first getting into lean manufacturing, it can be a little overwhelming. So I reached out to experts in the Lean Manufacturing field and these are people who have proven to implement lean, teach others about it and love doing it.

The question I asked them was

‘What is one low-hanging fruit you can solve with a kaizen mindset’

I purposely made it vague so that I can get a variety of answers, interpret the question how they want, and I wanted something actionable that a person​ go back and implement.”

Press here to read the responses.

Cambridge Engineering Videos

Cambridge’s Growth Journey has included 3300 Videos produced by a 100 person firm over a two year period. Marc Braun – President of Cambridge Engineering shares how this has been utilized to help employee engagement. Here is a playlist he put together.

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