XL Construction Greeting

Paul Akers greets XL Construction. He will be speaking at their facility on May 19, 2017 in Monterey, CA

For more information on XL Construction, visit their website.

For more information on Paul’s upcoming speaking events, go to this link.

We made the front page

We made the front page of the newspaper in Tasmania (the Advocate). The Deputy Premier,Kelly Elphinstone, who runs the largest company in the state, Caterpillar, and a conglomerate of other companies and manufactures. We attended the opening of their dojo which they call a SWE simulated work environment. It was an amazing event. Then I spoke to a pack out crowd…sold out twice at the University.





Are you keeping your work area clean?

Another 2 Second Lean improvement from Pitt Meadows Plumbing!

Are you pushing yourself out of a comfortable place?

Japan Study Mission May 23-27, 2017

SOLD OUT!!! The first two sessions are sold out, so we added another session. Are you serious about Lean? Paul Akers invites you to join him on the 3rd Japan Study Mission May 23-27, 2017. Only 17 can attend. You will need to send Paul (paul@nullfastcap.com) a video to be considered.

Why is being precise so important to the Japanese?

We discussed this in our morning meeting today.

FastCap’s Label System

Paul responds to questions from his Home Shop video (https://youtu.be/TG6QMFexLwg) providing more information about FastCap Labels.

For more information on these products, go to these links:
Erasable Kaizen Labels
Fastcaps (various sized labels)

Paul is Tasmania Bound

Paul will be speaking at the Productivity Improvers Lean Forum in Tasmania, Australia on March 2, 2017. Here is what Brand Tasmania had to say.

Is your personal hygiene lean?

Win a free copy of Practicing Lean!

Mark Graban has a Amazon giveaway for a free copy of his paperback book, Practicing Lean. One winner will be selected on Feb 27, 2017. You can enter the contest by sending a tweet about the book. Here is a link with all the information about how to enter (it is quick). It’s open to U.S. shipping addresses only.

Practicing Lean is a collaborative eBook project initiated by and edited by Mark Graban, with Paul Akers as a contributor.